Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Can't Wait...

     You would think by now in my life I would have developed patience.  One time in my life, quite a long time ago I prayed for patience.  I can't remember exactly why or what was happening at the time.  I sincerely wanted to be a better example for my children, who were very young.  I prayed and prayed and then came the opportunity to gain what I had asked for.  Let me just say that I learned, not easily or pleasantly, what having patience really means.  A hard lesson learned.  I'm still impatient about wanting something now and having a difficult time waiting.  I have never prayed for patience again, and I have warned others to be careful in what they wish for.

     Now comes the original thought.  I fight with my computer more times than get along.  Instead of going to the help section and starting at the beginning, I usually peruse through what is written and skip the dull now to the point...I have started at the beginning of a subject to learn about and quickly hurry through and get the same answers.  NOTHING...ha ha ha, it makes me chuckle at myself.  I have long since given up becoming mad at myself.  My kind husband says I should take a computer course.  I would love to if they taught exactly what I needed and not everything from soup to nuts.  I said to him the other day,  that I kind of like working on a computer problem.  I don't get anything done but it's fun.