Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Reminder

     I'm thinking about this painting...how does it make me feel?  Watching the last of the fall leaves and bushes paint a happy reminder of the oh so busy summer.  Planting the yearly garden and watching it grow, rides on the mountain to look for deer and other critters, catching the last of the snow melt on the high reaches of the peaks.  Now with summer gone and winter making it's presents known I think of snowmen, candy canes, mittens and hats and Christmas carols.  I love this painting  for all that it reminds me of; but most of all it makes me smile.  The painter...Roring

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Drop Me Off Here

Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful.  Warm, white sand.  A cute beach boy walking around.  I guess I shouldn't be dreaming about the beach boy.  You would think that I'm only 25 instead of my true age 35.  HA HA HA !! I've been to this place before and really only have to close my eyes and I can be right back there.  So many things I hold in my memories; so many pictures....mostly of family.  You know as I think about it, this place is a good place to visit but it's always good to be home.

Home is where my heart is...Au yes, being close to family.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wonderful Fresh Feeling...

     What a good feeling to get rid of the clutter.  My youngest daughter and a friend are having a yard sale today and tomorrow.  I asked if I could contribute.  Yesterday I uncluttered my bookshelf in my bedroom.  I filled three boxes with books that I have read and liked very much.  It's a good feeling to provide great reading material.  My books are varied, from mysteries to books about Aliens; from scientific to religious.  I borrowed a book from my other daughter, it's a love story (second one in a collection of six), which I usually don't enjoy but I love this particular story.  It's not the gushy someone is having an affair type.  Lots of early Scottish history, the land and the people.
     Does anyone else keep things (clothes) too long?  I'm guilty.  I find something I like and wear it a few times and then I'm almost attached to it because I keep it but I don't wear it anymore.  Anyway,  I loaded up about 40 blouses and T-shirts and took them to Hannah's yard sale.  Between the books and shirts, I had quite a load.  Also my coffee maker, mixer and bowls, and a  pancake cooker.   I feel renewed.  Ha ha ha