Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Can't Wait...

     You would think by now in my life I would have developed patience.  One time in my life, quite a long time ago I prayed for patience.  I can't remember exactly why or what was happening at the time.  I sincerely wanted to be a better example for my children, who were very young.  I prayed and prayed and then came the opportunity to gain what I had asked for.  Let me just say that I learned, not easily or pleasantly, what having patience really means.  A hard lesson learned.  I'm still impatient about wanting something now and having a difficult time waiting.  I have never prayed for patience again, and I have warned others to be careful in what they wish for.

     Now comes the original thought.  I fight with my computer more times than get along.  Instead of going to the help section and starting at the beginning, I usually peruse through what is written and skip the dull now to the point...I have started at the beginning of a subject to learn about and quickly hurry through and get the same answers.  NOTHING...ha ha ha, it makes me chuckle at myself.  I have long since given up becoming mad at myself.  My kind husband says I should take a computer course.  I would love to if they taught exactly what I needed and not everything from soup to nuts.  I said to him the other day,  that I kind of like working on a computer problem.  I don't get anything done but it's fun.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Imagination...what a gift!!!

     I was talking with my son this morning while we listened to the rain hitting on the roof.  Somehow we got on the subject of imagination.  While we were listening, my mind drifted off to a faraway place....a place I have never been, but the images in my mind were as vivid as this picture.  I thought of ancient walkways and dim passages.  If I closed my eyes I could hear the clip clop of a single horse and rider somewhere nearby.  Old oil lanterns, unable to light the cobblestone pathway, eerily lead shadows to dance in the doorways of little shops and alleyways.  Slowly I open my eyes, and I am left with a faint smile and secret longing of the place that I had visited not but just a moment ago.

image credit: Google photos

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wonderful Life

     I'm on a pathway to becoming a member of the church that I grew up in.  I've been away for 20 years or so.  There are things that I must do, but I'm ready.  Many things in life change but as I go to church I find it hasn't changed.  I get the same comforting feeling as a child at home with her loving parents.  Secure, safe, and forever.
     I have found the scriptures to be more alive and much clearer.  I feel that though my lifetime I have gained some wisdom and insight into what I really believe.  My family means more to me than ever.  The genealogy my granddaughter has struggled with for a long time has become more real to me.  I am so thankful for my many blessings in life.
Thank You Lauren.....I love you!!

image credits: free nature photos

Friday, September 2, 2011

My Girls...Wow

I think almost everyone is proud of their kids and proud of the things that they can do.  I know, Pride is a "sin" but I think that it only applies to having "Pride" about self.  I can be proud of doing a good job at something, but to hold Pride of our selves is wrong. 
My oldest daughter, Kellie painted this....."Two Quakies".

When I look at this lovely scene it relaxes and soothes me.  I love mountains, streams and trees.  If I'm quiet I can here the water making it's way down the mountain.  I can hear the quaking of the leaves on the trees.  So wonderful...I smile!!

                My youngest daughter, Hannah painted this form of a woman. Both paintings are so different but they both give me cause of be proud of them.  Both girls have have let something from inside come out and be expressed in their own unique way.

This painting of a young woman is both sensual and innocent.  This may be a mirror of that part of every woman that causes men to go crazy over us.  "Thank goodness", is what I say.