Monday, February 18, 2013

Yellowstone Vacation

Last September Ed and I decided go visit Yellowstone National Park.  I had never been there and it had been years since Ed had visited.  We had bought a new 26 ft. camper with a REAL bed.  I was so comfortable that we didn't think twice about towing it behind our pickup.  It took about two days to get up to the park.  We went up through Duchesne, Utah because my mother had been born in Tabiona and I hadn't been up that way before.  It was kind of neat trying to imagine if the house she had been born in was still there.  I don't know, but it was injoyable for me.  
We stayed outside of the park the first night and visited as far as we could that day. Next day we found a place to stay called Fishing Bridge campground. Real nice spot. It had full hookups including electricity.  I need that because I need oxygen at night and we couldn't use our generator after 8pm.  

I had problems finding cellphone service.  We would drive along and I would get one or two bars then before Ed could stop the truck there would be none.  I was great joy when I could get good service and stay in contact with me kids.  

There were so many buffalo (bison).  Almost every time we stopped we saw them.  We also saw a couple of wolves, a coyote, a bear (think it was a grizzly),  and a few elk.  No deer and no moose, which I really wanted to see.  

It was such a variety of landscapes.  Some mountainous with tall peaks and deep canyons.  Many waterfalls and streams.  A huge lake and then also much rolling hills, prairie like with few trees.  The air was so nice when we first arrived within the park but later it became so smoky because of all the wildfires around the area.  We were able to see the majesty of the Grand Tetons on our way up but coming out of the park although we were near the Tetons we couldn't make them out through the smoky air.  We were surprised that we had passed them without even knowing it.  We went to several museums throughout the trip.  They were wonderful.  Lots of artifacts made of rock, leather and reeds.  We could have stayed longer but it was hard for us to stand for long periods.  We saw lots of dinosaur bones at the Vernal, Utah dinosaur museum .  It was truly amazing what the area looked like at the time they roamed.  It was possibly a jungle like land with large animals, mammals, birds and fish.

We came back home by way of Orem, Utah.  We stayed and visited with my daughter Kellie and her family ( Mike, Craig and Matthew).  All in all, it was such a good vacation but as always goes it was good to be back home.