Thursday, June 23, 2011


   I remember being 15 and knowing everything, or at least I thought so.  I had a boyfriend who I totally trusted and believed he knew everything about anything.  I felt perfectly safe with him knowing he would always take care of me.  My Mother and Father tried to tell me stuff about life in general.  "It's not like that anymore", I would say.  I didn't exactly know how old they were but they weren't "in the know".  They were my parents and wanted what was good for me.  In my mind they just wanted to tell me what to do and how to do it.
     Now in my adulthood, I've learned a few things in life.  My children are all over 21 and so you would call them adults.  I have a couple that really don't fall into the adult category mentally.  As their Mother, I love them more than life itself.  I wouldn't do anything to hurt them or steer them wrong.  I give them the best advice I possibly can, even if unsolicited.  If there is anyone in the whole world that they can trust, it is me.  Now is the question, why don't they listen to me?  Has their mentality stopped at 14 or 15?  Do they feel like I would tell them something that would harm them?  I'm just a parent living with the same questions as my parents had.  Why don't they listen to me, take my advice, trust me?

Saturday, June 11, 2011


     I've realized again for the umpteen time that I need to let my imagination and memories fly... This blogging is just the ticket.  Watching tv or gardening doesn't do it.  Talking to others helps somewhat.  I've noticed when my three year old grand-daughter Jade is here, we both let our imaginations fly.  Sometimes we sit on my bed and we are fishing from a small boat.  All around us is the water.  We have rough waters occationally and I have to hold her in the boat or she can fall out.  This entails putting one arm around her and literally lifting her, with my arm around her, off the bed and across over me and back again, over and over.  This is so much fun for both of us (mostly for her).  I will surely pay for it.  Tomorrow I will be so stiff, but I do it anyway.  Sometimes when we go in the forest she will be the first to say "I think I hear a bear".  From then on we are shooting bears or finding small animals and taking them back to their home.  She seem to be able to talk animal talk.  Imagination...what a wonderful thing God invented.