Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thank You Family and Friends

     What a powerful and an overwhelming feeling to be baptised again.  I say that I was raised in the Church but really I was almost 10 before I went to church routinely.  I was baptised when I was 11 by Carver Bryan.  I lived with Mr. and Mrs. from the time I was almost 10 until I was 12 and 1/2.  During those years I received a good family home and good people to live with.  They had three children;  2 boys older and 1 girl a year younger than me.  Such a loving place, and it was those years that I let my mind and body relax.  No more fear about going home and wondering what I would find.  Enough!!  
     When I was first baptised I knew I was going to become a member of the Church and I should always obey the commandments, but other than that it doesn't seem I thought it was as big a deal then as I now do.  Having almost my whole family there to celebrate with me, and to witness the baptism and conferring of the Holy Ghost is the greatest thing that has ever happened. 
      One humorous thing happened during the baptism.  My oldest son, Doug, who was baptising me said the prayer that priesthood holders do for this and then was trying to lower me under the water but my arms were still above the water, so he took his other hand and pushed me down completely underwater.  When I came up and opened my eyes everyone was kind of chuckling.  He had been teasing me beforehand that he wasn't going to get me completely underwater so he would have to "dunk" me again.
       Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost is one of the many blessings that I have.  Thanks to the priesthood and my son-in-law Mike, I just can't say enough about Doug and Mike.  They both were so wonderful, and the whole ceremony was so special.  Another great memory to make me smile!


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